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Seldinger Guide wire
Stainless steel 
J” Tip or Straight Tip, soft on both end,
with Dispenser in pouch
0.018”,   0.021”,  0.025”,
0.028”,   0.032”,  0.035”, 
0.038”,   0.045”,   0.050”,
PTFE Coated guide wire
J” Tip or Straight Tip
Stainless steel fixed and movable core
with Dispenser in pouch
0.021”,    0.025”,  0.028”,
0.032”,  0.035”,  0.038”
Length:  50cm—300cm

Hydrophilic Coated Guide wire
Angled Tip and  Straight Tip
Hydrophilic coated
Nitinol core
0.032”,  0.035”,  0.038”
Length:  150cm, 180cm, 260cm

PTCA  Micro Guide  wire
Angled Tip and  Straight Tip
Sharft: Nitinol or PTFE coated
Tip coil: Stainless steel or Gilding
0.014”,   0.018”,
Length: 150cm, 185cm, 260cm
Floppy, Support, Extra support
Zebra guide wire
Straight tip:30mm
Nitinol core
PTFE tube blue/white
0.035”,  0.038”
Length: 150cm—400cm



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